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Free Lawyers in CENTENNIAL Co, Attorneys Associations and Volunteers Near Me in Familiy Law, Divorce, Immigration, Employment, Civil, Criminal, Free Conusltation & More.

Free Lawyers CENTENNIAL Co | Attorneys Free Legal Aid | Associations and Volunteers Near Me | For Low Income Clients. Phone Number & Address.

Free Legal Aid in CENTENNIAL Co.

This section offers a concise guide to free legal aid options available. It’s a valuable resource for residents seeking legal assistance without the financial burden.

Free Family & Divorce Lawyers & Consultation in CENTENNIAL Co.

This section provides a quick guide to accessing free legal assistance in family and divorce matters. It features.

Immigration Lawyers in Temecula, Ca Free Consultation

This section offers a direct guide to free consultations with immigration lawyers.

Free Personal Injury Lawyers in Temecula, Ca

This section is dedicated to providing information on free personal injury legal services

Free Employment Lawyers in Temecula, Ca

This section focuses on connecting individuals with free legal assistance in employment-related issues.

Directory of Free Lawyers in Temecula Ca.

comprehensive list of pro bono lawyers specializing in different areas of law, including family law, immigration, and criminal defense.

Colorado Bar Association Public And Legal Services

Legal Aid Phone Number: (720) 568-4844
Free Legal Aid Address: 7325 S. Potomac St., Centennial, CO 80112

American Immigration Lawyers Association Colorado Chapter

Legal Aid Phone Number: (303) 757-3334
Free Legal Aid Address: 1776 S Jackson St, Denver, CO 80210
Free Lawyers & Associations Specializing in: Immigration

Colorado Lawyers Committee

Legal Aid Phone Number: (303) 894-6366
Free Legal Aid Address: 1700 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO 80203
Free Lawyers & Associations Specializing in: Education, Immigration, Municipal and Real Estate

Metro Volunteer Lawyers

Legal Aid Phone Number: (303) 860-1115
Free Legal Aid Address: 1905 Sherman St, Ste 400, Denver, CO 80203
Free Lawyers & Associations Specializing in: Bankruptcy, Civil Rights, Consumer and Divorce

Free Legal Aid Resources in Temecula, California

This website is a comprehensive resource dedicated to providing information about free legal aid. It offers a detailed guide for individuals seeking pro bono lawyers, attorney associations, and volunteers in various legal fields. Key areas of focus include family law, divorce, immigration, employment, civil rights, and criminal defense. The site aims to connect those in need with experienced legal professionals who offer free consultations and assistance.

Attorneys Associations and Volunteer Networks

Information about local attorney associations and volunteer networks that provide free legal aid and consultation.

Specialized Legal Assistance

Dedicated sections for each major legal area, offering insights and guidance on finding the right legal support for specific issues like divorce, employment disputes, and civil rights cases.

Free Consultation Services

Details on how to access free initial consultations with legal experts in Temecula, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to understand their legal options.

Accidents and Injuries

This area focuses on cases where individuals have been physically injured or suffered emotional harm due to the negligence or actions of others. Pro bono lawyers often assist in serious injury cases where victims cannot afford legal representation.

Bankruptcy / Debt

Deals with managing and relieving personal and business debts under bankruptcy laws. Lawyers offer free advice to help individuals facing severe financial hardships.


Covers all areas related to business operations, from company formation to commercial litigation. Some organizations provide free legal advice to small businesses and startups.

Civil Rights

Focuses on protecting individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution or laws. There are pro bono lawyers specializing in cases of discrimination and civil rights violations.


Involves issues related to consumer rights and protection against unfair business practices. There are free legal assistance programs for consumers affected by fraud or unfair practices.

Criminal Defense

Defends individuals accused of committing crimes. Public defenders typically provide free legal representation in these cases.

Divorce & Family Law

Deals with family matters such as divorce, child custody, and support. Many lawyers offer pro bono services in cases of domestic violence or when children are in danger.


Specialized in defending individuals accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Free legal aid is less common in these cases but possible under special circumstances.


Covers topics like labor discrimination, harassment, and workers’ rights. Lawyers provide pro bono advice in cases of serious violations of labor rights.

Entertainment & Sports

Focused on the legal aspects of the entertainment and sports industries. Pro bono advice is less common but available through certain organizations for emerging artists or athletes.

Estates & Probates

Deals with estate planning and probate administration. Some lawyers offer pro bono services to assist low-income individuals in estate planning.

Health Care

Handles legal issues related to the health care sector. Free legal aid may be available in cases of medical negligence under exceptional circumstances.


Focused on cases where homeowners face the loss of their homes. There are free legal programs helping people at risk of foreclosure.


Includes everything related to visas, citizenship, and asylum. Many lawyers and organizations offer pro bono advice to immigrants and refugees.

Intellectual Property

Encompasses copyright, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property matters. Pro bono assistance is limited but available for specific cases, especially for individual inventors or small businesses.

Lawsuits / Trials / Litigation

Includes all types of civil litigation. Some lawyers participate in free legal assistance programs for complex litigation, especially in cases of public interest.

Oil & Gas Leases

Deals with contracts and disputes over natural resources. Free legal assistance is rare in this area.

Real Estate

Involves buying, selling, and leasing property. There are legal assistance programs for cases like lease disputes or housing problems.


Covers tax matters for individuals and businesses. Some lawyers and organizations offer pro bono advice in cases of significant difficulties with the IRS or other tax agencies.

Traffic Tickets

Includes defense against traffic violations. Free legal representation is limited in this area.

Free Lawyers Legal Aid

Refers to legal services provided at no cost for people with low income or in special situations, covering various areas of law.

Association & Volunteers in America.

Here are 7 important associations in the United States that provide pro bono or free legal assistance, along with a brief description of each and a link to their website:

  • Her Justice: Assists women in New York City who are facing poverty and, often, domestic abuse. Lawyers provide advice on immigration, orders of protection, and divorces, among other matters.
  • Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA): Founded in 1969, VLA provides legal representation to low-income individual artists and non-profit arts organizations in New York.
  • My Sister’s Place: This non-profit offers residential shelters and a range of support services, including legal, to victims of domestic violence and their children.
  • Human Rights First: Established in 1978, it works with individuals at home and abroad whose human rights are at risk, such as refugees and victims of crimes against humanity.
  • The Innocence Project: Founded in 1992, this organization seeks to exonerate prisoners who DNA testing can prove innocent.
  • Ladder Up: Helps low-income individuals in the Chicago area file tax returns and claim tax credits.
  • Kids in Need of Defense (KIND): Co-founded by Angelina Jolie, KIND provides legal representation to unaccompanied refugee and immigrant children in their deportation proceedings.